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Find a Race. Head over to Zwift's calendar or use the Companion app to see a list of upcoming races. Pro tip: some community-developed tools have more powerful event filtering capabilities than Zwift's own calendar. Once you've chosen a race, read the race description.It should contain everything you need to know about that race's rules, route, etc. Reading the race details completely. Immediately after a ride or race Zwift shows your ranking along with your performance percentage for your category. It gives you a minute (I think) to view the results then disappears. Is Zwift's results somewhere I can view or is it gone for good? I know ZwiftPower has rankings, but not everyone is registered on that site

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Looking for some company? Join an official group ride Zwift race results and statistics. Hi, yesterday I raced the WBR 3 Laps Flat Race Reverse (30.3km/18.8mi), but only realised after the race that I hadn't connected to ZwiftPower, which I then did after the race These are the final results for the Watopia Cup Zwift Classics race. Race Details. Watopia Cup Thursday, 5 September, 7pm BST World: Watopia Route: Watopia Hilly Distance: 9.1km // 5.7mi Elevation: 100m // 328ft Laps: Stage 4 in the Zwift Virtual Tour de France 2020 cycling race takes you through the Casse-Pattes route in the new France world. Follow stage 4 on July 12th

-- Ben Healy (provisionally 29th place) has had their result annulled due to providing insufficient heart rate data.-- Kristian Blummenfelt (provisionally 106th place) has been disqualified as they did not provide the data requested for the Zwift Performance Verification process A new race series has just been announced, and it's the first of its kind on Zwift: a series just for pro triathletes! Dubbed the Z Pro Tri Race Series, this weekly series kicks off tomorrow (Wednesday, April 15) with a two-lap 23 km race around the Astoria Line 8 circuit in Zwift's New York. The women take to the start line first starting at 4:00 pm CET, followed by the men at 4:45. In almost 3 years of racing in Zwift, I've learned that it's not all about the WKG. Tactics are just as important to securing that podium spot in the virtual.. Watopia Cup Women's Race Results. by Zwift on April 22, 2020. These are the final race results for the Women's Watopia Cup Race. Finish Positions: 1: Cecilia Hansen[HEIN] 2: Vicki Whitelaw [HEIN] 3: Ashleigh Moolman Pasio [R&K] 4: Lou Bates [R3R] 5: Emma Belforth [SZ] 6: Sophie Coldwell [SLT] 7: Ilaria Sanguineti [VAC] 8: Ella Harris [CSR] 9: Louise Houbak [HEIN] 10: Illi Gardner [R&K] 11.

In part 1 of this series, I laid out the current Zwift race categorization situation.This included a discussion of the standard FTP-based categories, how enforcing rules post-race falls short, and a look at some actual participation numbers to show how currently-published race results are far from ideal.We ended that post with some ideas for improving the race experience for everyone. The Zwift Classics race series debuted in July 2019 as a simple set of monthly invitational races for 5-member men and women's teams. Zwift has just announced the Classics series for 2020, and it has expanded in scope to include the entire racing community in the fun. These races are sure to be hugely popular - here are the details! Race Format. Similar to what we've seen with Tour de.

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}, Zwift Duathlon Facebook Group; Zwift Triathlon Facebook Group; Duathlon Race Series Results for 4th and 5th of July 2020 July 7, 2020 admin 0. Results for the past weekend: Duathlon Race Series Results for 20th and 21st of June 2020 June 22, 2020 admin 0. Results for the past weekend: Z Games ZWOW Results for June 18th, 2020 June 20, 2020 admin 0. Congratulations to all participants of the Z. I ride to a training plan, 4-6 times a week, usually including a Time Trial (used to race TT out on the road every summer), whereas most of my 'mates' seem to just go out for the odd 20-30 mile smash fest during the week and a massive ride at the weekend. Tried to explain this to them but apparently Zwift 'isn't proper cycling' PowerUp - Club Zwift Race Results. Author: Andy Robb. Categories: Results, Seniors. Following last weeks inaugural race, it was a much larger group of ACC riders that logged onto Zwift for Race 2 in the April Rider of the Month (ROTM) Club Competition. As a reminder, ROTM points will be accrued using the same format as RROTY - 10, 9, 8, 7, 6 for top 5 ACC riders in each grade; 3 points for.

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In races, all A, B, C and D riders will hit the start line together, but your post-race results will be separated by category. Once you've decided, hit the orange plus sign to add you to that event The Triathlon NZ Zwift Race League is a races series with 6 races over a 6 week period, held from Saturday May 23 rd to Saturday June 27 th, the best 4 races count to the final result. There will be a separate race for men and women World Beaters - Club Zwift Race Results. Author: Andy Robb. Categories: Results, Seniors. A rainy autumn Saturday morning provided the perfect incentive for local ACC riders to spin up the indoor trainer and lineup for this weeks club sanctioned ZWIFT race, which took place on the lumpy New York Central Park circuit with 8 laps of a 2.8km circuit for a total 22.9km of racing. The race was a. LIVE Coverage of the fourth Zwift Z Pro Triathlete Race Series event. After taking a break last week, the new eSports Z Pro Tri Race Series from Zwift returns today, Wednesday 13th May, for its fourth edition. You can watch it all hereLIVE. Pro Women will race at 3:05pm UK-time (4:05pm CET), followed by the Pro Men at 3:50pm UK-time Zwift - 5 Tips for Improving Race Results - Duration: 11:42. Finish Strong Cycling Recommended for you. 11:42. LIVE ZWIFT RACE - *OBLITERATED by a SANDBAGGER!* - Duration: 54:03

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Microsoft Word - Tri NZ ZWIFT Race 2 Results Author: anna Created Date: 5/30/2020 5:57:08 PM. Option 1: Tag along with an official Zwift race. The first solution is to tag along with an official Zwift race. Instead of creating a new event, the club picks a suitable race on the Zwift calendar and tells its members to sign up. The start of an official Zwift event, with hundreds of riders from across the globe. The downside is that riders are mixed with general competitors from all over. KISS. 2017-Challenge. Ashley Burt; Carol Tower; Jacek TR; Mark Burns; Marshal Wiley; Nic Lennie; Sarah Stevenson; KISS Races. Special Events; Race Schedule; The Tea Watt Bombs Away - Club Zwift Race Results. Author: Andy Robb. Categories: Results, Seniors. We had a stellar lineup of 22 riders for the Club Zwift Rider of the Month (ROTM) handicap race, which was 3 laps of the Greater London Loop for 34.8km total racing. The race was run in the private meetup format, with club Houlty Certified handicaps applied as riders were set off in small groups.

Zwift Race Results. Does this make the Zwift Power website redundant? You can now see a breakdown of race results with power data for groups A-D on the Zwift Companion App. If you would like me to. Team Machines - Club Zwift Race Results. Author: Andy Robb Comment( s ): Leave a Comment. Categories: Results, Seniors. A record turnout of 25 riders lined up for the inaugural Club Zwift Team Handicap. The format was simple - riders grouped into teams by handicap, with equal Rider of the Month (ROTM) points awarded to all team members based on the highest placed finisher from the team. Zwift Duathlon Facebook Group; Zwift Triathlon Facebook Group; Results. Z Games ZWOW Results Duathlon Race Series Results. Search for: Recent Posts . Duathlon Race Series Results for 4th and 5th of July 2020; Duathlon Race Series Results for 20th and 21st of June 2020; Z Games ZWOW Results for June 18th, 2020; Z Games ZWOW for 20th of June, 2020; Z Games ZWOW for 18th of June, 2020; Duathlon.

Zwift has practices in place to ensure fairness across the top tier of races, with the level of scrutiny increasing with the professionalism of the race. Zwift's senior PR manager, Chris Snook. Zwift Racing. WBR Race competes in Zwift cycling races. Our racing members are on the top competition leagues on Zwift. Club WBR runs flagship races a few times a year and collaborates with the lead race organizers on Zwift, such as KISS, ZTR and JZRA Meilenstein Magic - Club Zwift Race Results. Author: Andy Robb Comment( s ): Leave a Comment. Categories: Results, Seniors. In a first for club Zwift racing, a major ascent was on the menu for Saturdays race - a 3.8km climb of the Watopia Volcano, which would place a premium on strong legs and lightweight equipment. To take on this mighty challenge, 18 riders lined up at the start for 24km.

Ronde van Zwift results: Lionel Sanders wins virtual race. April 5, 2020, 11:50 am By In the Bunch. Canadian Lionel Sanders, an experienced virtual racer, won the Ronde van Zwift earlier today. Lionel Sanders won the Ronde van Zwift today. Photo: Live stream/Zwift. The 32-year-old completed the 27.6km race, held on the cobbled loop of the Richmond Worlds circuit, in 36:21. READ | Watch live. HOW TO GET ZWIFT RACE RESULTS ON ZWIFT POWER ZwiftPower is a 3rd party results service for Zwift events. It is still the only source of results apart from the immediate on- screen display at the end of a race. You must register with ZwiftPower to be included in the Cycling Ireland Zwift League. However, you must have an account with zwift.com before doing all of this. OPT-IN ZWIFT POWER. Zwift, the global online training platform, has today announced a new weekly race series for professional triathletes, the Z PRO TRI Race Series. The community can watch some of the best triathletes compete on the bike. With both long and short course athletes signed up to the series, this will provide a unique opportunity to see them compete to see who is strongest on the bike

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  1. Zwift Race Series Provisional Results Race 1 Thanks to everybody who took part in the first SMMC Zwift race tonight. Some really strong performances. See the attached for the Provisional results...
  2. Zwift race reports, Zwift riding techniques, equipment and training tips. Thursday, October 1, 2015. Zwift Training Race Report 2015-10-01 raw video of the race . 41 racers joined the reverse Watopia training race this week. Two teams were organized in the A group to debut team tactics in Zwift. The two teams were Team dZi (wearing the red and white inGamba jerseys) and Team X1 (wearing the.
  3. final race results can be accessed via zwift power (non verified events) final race results can be accessed via koa sports league results (verified events) (24-48 hours) technical. in the event any athlete experiences technical difficulties, malfunctions or failures the athlete will be issued a did not finish (dnf) firmware and calibration must to up to date we recommend calibration before any.
  4. Tour of Watopia update. Overall standings and completion times are now being tracked in the league tables. This will be updated regularly, but not..
  5. My last two races on Zwift are not showing me in the results on Zwift Power. if you click the unfiltered tab at the top, it lists all the riders, and I am there. It seems that there are many riders missing from the results. 29 showing in the results but 66 in the unfiltered
  6. Competitive Cycling News, Race Results and Bike Reviews Teenager Agostinacchio wins Zwift Classics race - VeloNews.com Italian Filippo Agostinacchio, winner of Thursday's Zwift Classics, is.

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If you are a crazy person and racing both in the same day we are taking your first result. I tried best result and it was causing issues. I tried best result and it was causing issues. Zwift race results and statistics This feature is not available right now. Please try again later This race will be a 2.7 neutral roll out then a single, all-out hammer fest up the 5.8 mile Epic KOM. Team with the lowest combined time wins. Type: 2-Person Teams Zwift Route: Epic KOM Miles: Epic KOM is 5.8 Miles, 3.8% Grade Effort: Each leaderboard segment Winner: Team with the lowest combined time wins. Results: Sakari p/b Smart Honda - 39. Entering on Desktop Zwift. To enter the race using your computer, this means the Triathlon Ireland event is effectively a race within a race. Overall results will appear on Zwift immediately after the race and on Zwift Power a short time later. The Triathlon Ireland filtered results will be posted to our social media channels as soon as Zwift Power calculates them. League Table. League. Les résultats de la Blue Race Zwift. de UC Briochine | 09/05/2020 - 21:50 | 09/05/2020 Féminines, Juniors, Route, Seniors. Samuel Burlot. Plusieurs coureurs du club et de Baie d'Armor cyclisme se sont affrontés sur l'application zwift ce matin , la course était retransmise en direct live sur notre page Facebook. Les résultats : ️Catégorie A:(251 partants) 10ème Fabien Schmidt 32.

Race Recon: Greater London Loop. Wednesday 15th of July 2020 By Zwift . Top women's racer Vicki Whitelaw shares tips on this popular London route! Virtual Tour de France: Stage 5 Results. Monday 13th of July 2020 By chrissie.canino@zwift.com . These are the provisional results for the Virtual Tour de France after Stage Five. Finalised results are due shortly. Womens YELLOW JERSEY Total 1 TEAM. Zwift race results and statistics. Z-Dog Peterson. 21 hrs. Finally, Moe got Dog'd. (I've been Moe'd too many times to remember). Matt Dutton shared a link. Yesterday at 4:13 PM. My face the whole time for that TT. Good Times! Travis Dougan shared a link. Yesterday at 11:25 AM. Bologna event today is up and categories are fixed. If you registered in the wrong category now is the time to fix. Ride with Reason Results. Zwift. 5 décembre 2018 · Check out how much of an amazing impact everyone made in Charity Month # RideWithReason. You all crushed it! . It lets Zwift racers and race organisers track results and check out all the details of the races they've participated in, as well as monitoring and analysing their data Dempster, Jones, and Gouveris all race for Zwift teams, while McGlinchey races for Vitus Pro Cycling, a UCI Continental road team. And if we add this result to the five other races on the 2020.

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Discrepancy between Zwift Race and Zwift Power Results. Feedback. Nick_Roberts_1640 (Nick) July 7, 2020, 7:18am #1. Morning, We have a group that raced this morning in the Virtual TDF stage 1. Our times that were shown on the Zwift race are ±20 seconds faster than those recorded on Zwiftpower. Is there any reason for this? Umi_Sonada (Aoi) July 7, 2020, 9:04am #2. On ZwiftPower the time is. LIVE Coverage of the second Zwift Z Pro Triathlete Race Series event Both Brownlee brothers are racing today The second event in the new eSports Z Pro Tri Race Series from Zwift takes place today, Wednesday 22nd April. You can watch it all here. The Pro Women will race at 3:07pm UK-time (4:07pm CET), followed by the Pro Men at 3:47pm UK-time. Last week's races were won by Flora Duffy (BER. My last two races on Zwift are not showing me in the results on Zwift Power. if you click the unfiltered tab at the top, it lists all the riders, and I am there. It seems that there are many riders missing from the results. 29 showing in the results but 66 in the unfiltered.What is weird is that last night 3/4 hour after the race I was in the results but then this morning I am not.This has. Zwift Results. More information about ARCC Zwift Rides can be found click here. Join the ARCC Zwift team - click here. 2019-2020. 2018-2019. Race menu. Club Race Team; Race Calendar; Race Reports; Race Awards; Time Trials; TT Results 2015; TT Results 2014; TT Results 2013; TT Results 2012; TT Results 2011; Zwift Results ; Cycling News. 12 essential braking tips — get better control on. Did my first Zwift race today, and I'm generally disappointed with the overall experience. I'm done with structured training for the year and wanted to give it a shot. I entered the C race (FTPs between 2.5 and 3.1 w/kg) of the City Crit Race (9 mile race), with an FTP of 185 and weight of 135 (so around 3.1 w/kg). Of 69 entry's I finished 57th after averaging 180 watts for 25 mins. I.

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  1. KISS Zwift Races. 3 781 J'aime · 3 en parlent. This is the public facebook page for KISS Zwift Road Race. We race on Zwift every week, KISS Europe / KISS..
  2. 2x race days (!2 races per day) 1 day endurance 2.5+ hours, just chipping away routes. Then do the zwift race training program and see how far up the categories I can get. Sorry if this reply rambled, it's 1am here and I've had a few beers. Cheers
  3. London International Zwift Classics race results: Filippo Agostinacchio wins April 9, 2020 , 8:56 pm By In the Bunch Filippo Agostinacchio won the London International Zwift Classics race , which was the first of three men's pro/am races in this year's series, tonight

Cycling Ireland, Zwift Women's Only Races. Cycling Ireland, The Clockhouse, National Sports Campus, Snugborough Road, Blanchardstown, Dublin 15, D15 CXC2 Tel: +353 (1) 8551522 Fax: +353 (1) 8551771 Contact U Zwift racing isn't necessarily about being the best triathlete, having the best power, or the best W/kg, there's the gaming element to be considered as well. So, I'm trying to look at these races as a way to challenge myself a little differently. I'm not winning these races - I'm certainly not a front runner, but it's something a bit different for a Wednesday afternoon in the shed Cycling Ireland, Zwift Sprint Races. Cycling Ireland, The Clockhouse, National Sports Campus, Snugborough Road, Blanchardstown, Dublin 15, D15 CXC2 Tel: +353 (1) 8551522 Fax: +353 (1) 8551771 Contact U Visit the post for more. Junior Cycling Development Program. Skip to conten ZN Zwift Nation Toggle navigation. Guest. UTC+01:00. Sign in welcome to the jungle Home; Sign in; Zwift Nation. Sign in with local account. Sign in - OR SIGN IN USING - Sign in using Facebook Sign in using Zwift Sign in using Strava. Version 2.0.

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With no races or group rides for at least a couple of months, Project Echelon Racing organized an event emulating just that: the three-day Project Echelon Virtual Stage Race on Zwift attracted 42. Tags: #RideRaceRaise 163 #rideon 136 #prostyletraining 135 #doubledraft 116 #zwiftofficial 66 #jerseyunlock 63 #pbt 31 #Team3R 29 #Ride3R 29 #ProStyleTraining 29 #evo 27 #tbr 20 #kissarch 19 #britishcyclingrace 18 #gozwiftrun 16 #herd 16 #evr 16 #fear 15 #zwiftpack 14 #racetheclock 14 #pack 13 #japan 13 #zzrc 12 #ascenders 12 #xrs 11 #odz 11 #wtrl 10 #SASLove 10 #ahdr 10 #szr 10 #.

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Race Recon: Seaside Sprint. Friday 26th of June 2020 By Zwift Isle of Man-based A racer Matt Looker delivers his tips to achieve your best results on the fun circuit! Missions Guest World Schedule Zwift On Tour We're bringing the Zwift experience to a city near you. Come for the ride, stay for the refreshments.. The result was 3rd place . 明日の朝の、 Japan Zwift Morning Raceは、 Innsbruck KOM Aft 2020-02-05 Final stage race 6位‍♀️ Tour de ZWIFT 2020. ZWIFT Race 先程始まりました、Tour de ZWIFT 〜stage 7〜Race ブログランキングに参加しております! 下記バナークリックで応援よろしくお願いします! I participate in blog.

However Zwift has allowed organisers to host races on Zwift, ie using it as a platform. Zwift don't interfere with the results, and the organisers use Zwiftpower to apply certain filters and DQ's depending on the rules that they decide. However, organisers can't determine who does or doesn't enter a race. Nor can they determine what category they enter. The official Zwift events that. Before you race, make sure to change your PRIMARY Club on Zwift Power to Tri Ireland - without this we won't know to include you in our results.Please leave your primary team set to Tri Ireland for two hours after the race so we can collect results.(You can change it back afterwards) In the last two rides/races I've done, the other day I finished in the first dozen riders Bacon Rolls ADHR ride. In the results I finished 132nd? Then today I raced 3R Watopia Flat Route Race in B grade. The results in the phone app showed I came second but in Zwift Power I'm not even listed in the results. Also in the list on my profile page. Zwift JULY 15 -WED Holland Racing Events. 2020 Bull Grind 2020 Texas Time Trials Results. Zwift - Spot Mini Series July Social Distance Challenge Driveway IRL Results Archives Resources. Physicians Premier ER Mentor Program Injury Insurance.

Unfortunately, the results won't stick around for long and Zwift doesn't provide a way to see your results after you click the OK button. Like many of us who enjoy competition, you may want to be able to analyze your results, do a bit of bench racing, and plan to come back with a vengeance in your next race. This is where Zwift has a really active community that has surrounded the platform. Zwift Virtual Events. Cycling Ireland has launched a series of races and leisure spins on the popular online training platform Zwift. Our 12 week (Cycling Ireland Zwift League) CIZL may have concluded but we have new series of one-day Classics, starting on Saturday, June 20th. It will test you in each of Zwift's six Worlds - Innsbruck, Watopia, Yorkshire, London, Richmond and New York Create a regular weekly race series and invite all the pro triathletes on Zwift, and there are more than 200 of them, to come together and race for 'fun'. They had been asking us to do something so we thought - let's keep it simple - there was no pressure at all put on our pro community to race and we had very little idea until the start of the race who would actually turn up ZwiftPower has no influence on how the actual race is conducted. The Zwift results and the ZwiftPower results are equally actual results. They have only the value that you and others give them. Power13 April 9, 2020, 3:12am #46. That was my pointpeople point to their results in ZP as though they were the real results after the ZP sorting process. They really aren't.

Results will be points based and determined by the team's performance and results for each stage. a new understanding of race tactics thanks to Zwift's PowerUps. PowerUps deliver a range. IMPORTANT - BEFORE YOU RACE. Before you race, make sure to change your PRIMARY Club on Zwift Power to Tri Ireland - without this we won't know to include you in our results. Please leave your primary team set to Tri Ireland for two hours after the race so we can collect results. (You can change it back afterwards) 3R Team Race Rules. Category-Specific Rules Category A and B: All riders must wear heart rate monitors, and use non-zpower sources of power data. Category C: Podium finishers (places 1 through 3) must wear heart rate monitors, and use non-zpower sources of power data. A rider may become a podium finisher through other riders being upgraded or disqualified Zwift Duathlon Facebook Group; Zwift Triathlon Facebook Group; Duathlon Race Series Results for 30th and 31st of May 2020. June 1, 2020 admin Uncategorized 0. Another weekend is behind us for Duathlon Race Series! Warm weather and COVID-19 changes are very obviously shown, with fewer participants then usual. Here are the results: Update #1: updated R2 time for Kent Gutches and overall results.

BC Bike Race Zwift Challenge. Join Zwift and BC Bike Race with other riders from around the world for a 7-day Challenge - unlock the new virtual BC Bike Race jersey and have a blast getting extra fit! BC Bike Race has been forced to cancel our 2020 event but we are finding new ways to bring our mountain biking community together. This Challenge is meant to motivate and inspire, to replicate. Congratulations to all the Zwifters who conquered Stage 2 of the CyclingTips eFondo series! Stage 2 Results:..

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The women race as individuals with the top eight point scorers in each race earning prize money. Points are scored as 5/4/3/2/1 for QOM and sprints and 10/8/6/4/2 across the finish line. Emma Pallant and Luisa Baptista pushed Charles-Barclay all the way but were unable to topple the experienced Zwift racer. Pallant finished 2nd with 21 points. Pro Zwift Races. British Cycling recently launched an eight-race series of short, criterium-like races for the strongest riders on Zwift. Take a quick look at the power files from any one.

Last April, Carey Conabeare, 42, a gardner in the UK, won $7,800 in a Zwift race. Zwift also partnered with Specialized in 2018 to launch a triathlon team, providing full support to four athletes. Also we ask for your patience with results. Apparently as admins we will be able to generate reports per category entered and by gender, but as we've never been admins for a Zwift race before, we're currently in the dark on this. We just need to have a week or two and learn as we go. We will post results as we figure it out. Once we know the extent of our lap and results data reporting.

Min said if the race went well, he could imagine a scenario whereby Zwift hosted a 'full' virtual women's Tour de France next summer. There is currently no women's Tour de France, with the. Please leave your primary team set to Tri Ireland for two hours after the race so we can collect results. (You can change it back afterwards). From this round onwards, riders who do not have their team set to Tri Ireland will not be included in the results. - You must have a heart rate monitor and power data to be included in each week's results - this is a requirement of Zwift Power and.

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Overview Events Sponsors Volunteer Results Media Store Join Rapha and The Armed Forces Cycling Classic on Saturday, May 30th at 11 am EST as we honor this year's race with a no-drop ride on Zwift led by US Amateur Crit Champion Justin Williams and Cory Williams. Justin will lead a social ride consisting of a 10-minute warm-up and a 40-minute social pace, followed by a 10-minute cool down. These are the final results for the Virtual Tour de France after Stage Six. Womens YELLOW JERSEY Total 1 TEAM TIBCO - SILICON VALLEY BANK 499 2 TEAM TWENTY20 306... Running Speed and Distance Demystified. Thursday 16th of July 2020 By Zwift . Why speed and distance aren't always accurate, and why we should be focusing more on effort, time, and variety in our training. Race Recon: Greater. Zwift race reports, Zwift riding techniques, equipment and training tips. Thursday, January 7, 2016. Zwift Thursday Night Training Race (UK/Europe) Results 2016-01-07 Full Results Group A 1 T. Bern Hansen 1:00:37 (44.4 km/h) 2 J. T. (Team dZi) 0:00:35 3 J. T W (VISION)* 0:01:35 4 K. Little (X) 0:01:35 5 A. Self (PTz) 0:01:59 6 F. Brokered 0:02:01 7 S. Odeyn (TK.be) 0:02:13 8 K. C. (Team dZi) 0.

The Bolt Race Team has developed multiple virtual events on Zwift in which we invite every racer from the Zwift community to participate in. Our events cater for the majority of Zwift racers who seek performance increases, virtual recognition, and IRL race substitution on a consistent base.. Current Event Type Zwift. 26 novembre 2015 · Hey Zwifters! We set out to transform your indoor cycling experience. To make things more fun, social and rewarding. We wanted to capture all this good stuff in our new ad, featuring our Beta testers. Oh, and Eric (of course). Thanks for bringing us this far and keep spreading the word! There's a lot more to come! #.

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Stage 5 Race Recap Zwift virtual Tour; Moolman-Pasio and Woods go solo and take the win on the Zwift Virtual Tour de France queen stage. France's TDF 2020 Queen, 18th July 2020 - stage 5 was the queen stage of the Zwift Virtual Tour de France and she did not disappoint. The 22.9km stage that took to the virtual slopes of Mont Ventoux shredded both pelotons with 1,205m of elevation to climb. You only have to look at the results in the virtual racing to see the problems around calibration and validation. Ideally, you just need to look at the mix of both. What I do know is that you can get an unbelievable workout on Zwift regardless of the leaderboard. I find being able to look at my 1 min best, 5 min best for me, with testing metrics such as a ramp test to baseline my performance.

Tanja Erath :WMNCYCLINGNew Watopia Map Posters Available | Zwift InsiderZwift to offer riders a virtual Giro d’Italia experienceItalian Road Championships 2018: Road Race - Women ResultsColdwell In Shock Over Stunning Performance
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